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I understand that I am investing in a Feminine Wisdom Discovery Experience and that this will be carried out by Deirdre Morris.
I understand that the intention here is for Deirdre to help me to connect with and hear my own Feminine Wisdom. She will do this by listening deeply to what she hears from my written and spoken shares and from what is revealed to her in my Creative Feminine Design® (which is based on my astrological birth chart).
I understand that Deirdre has unique understanding of and insight into the creative process, the Creative Feminine® and the role of the feminine in creativity and leadership. I agree that this is what I am seeking here and that this is what I will receive.
I understand that there are 8 Stages in the Feminine Wisdom Discovery Experience. These are:

Stage 1: I will send Deirdre details of my birth date, time and location.

Stage 2: Deirdre will pay a professional astrologer to run my astrological chart (using pseudonyms in order to protect my privacy).

Stage 3: Deirdre will then determine my unique Creative Feminine Design® (based on my astrological birth chart) for the purpose of tuning into the most important Feminine Wisdom that this reveals so that she can guide me much more personally and effectively here.

Stage 4: I will receive the Feminine Wisdom Discovery Questionnaire via email, will complete that to the best of my ability and return it to Deirdre in a timely manner.

Stage 5: If necessary, Deirdre will ask me, via email, additional questions so that she has any further information that she requires to support me most. I will respond in a timely manner.

Stage 6: We will schedule and have our private, 45-minute audio call.

Stage 7: Deirdre will email me if she requires any further clarification and I will respond in a timely manner.

Stage 8: Deirdre will create a Feminine Wisdom Discovery Report summarising what my Feminine Wisdom is asking from me now so that I can empower myself, my creations and my Feminine Legacy® in the most efficient way.
I understand that Deirdre is not offering medical, psychology, financial or legal advice and that it is my responsibility to consult with my personal medical team, psychological, financial, legal and other professional advisors before making any important decisions in my life.
I understand the Deirdre will not be offering guidance around specific technologies, medical procedures, investments or other decisions relating to fertility, family planning or other creative endeavours.
I understand that Deirdre will not be offering any advice around dates or timings that would be best for my creations, fertility or leadership.
I understand that Deirdre will not be teaching me my Creative Feminine Design® as that would be too lengthy. Nor will I be receiving an assessment of my Creative Feminine Design® because she has a separate 10-Month On-Line Retreat Experience for this specific purpose. Rather, Deirdre will be drawing on her understanding and insight into my unique Creative Feminine Design® to guide me in the best way here.
I understand that it is my responsibility to provide Deirdre with the correct phone number at least 48 hours in advance of our call, to be available to speak with her at the agreed time and to have the internet/coverage and privacy needed in order to be able to enjoy a great connection.
I understand that I need to give 24 hours advance notice if I wish to change the appointment.
I understand that Deirdre cannot guarantee that I will create whatever I want.
I understand that Deirdre reserves the right to cancel this agreement without explanation. If this happens, I will receive a full refund.
I understand that I can cancel this agreement at any time and will receive a refund according to the Stage of my Feminine Wisdom Discovery Experience to which I have progressed. For example, if Deirdre has carried out Stage 3 and I cancel at this point, I will receive a refund of 5/8 of my investment - for the remaining 5 Stages. I understand that in order to cancel I just need to email Deirdre.
I understand that I need to provide Deirdre with my full astrological details 3 weeks in advance of a consultation as preparation work is necessary,
I understand that I need to engage fully and honestly in this process if I am to receive the value that Deirdre intends for me.
I understand that my own intentions around this Feminine Wisdom Discovery Experience will have an impact on the value I receive. Therefore I intend to show up and participate in a way that allows me to receive enormous value here as a woman, creator and leader!
I agree

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What You Receive:

1 x Feminine Wisdom Discovery Report informed by:

1 x 45 minute Private Audio Consultation with Deirdre

Guidance based on your unique Creative Feminine Design (revealed in your astrological birth chart)

Guidance Based on your completed Feminine Wisdom Discovery Questionnaire

And email follow-up questions for further clarification

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Magdalena Lambie

"Mind-Blowing and Soul Enriching... the personal change you have helped me to facilitate and the life-transforming nature of my experiences with you... as well as my time in the forums... is something I am so grateful for."